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If you intend to start an operate a business in Belize, you must apply for a Temporary Employment Permit. The submission of the application is to be done at any Labour Department Office. For details on requirements and application process visit your nearest Labour Department. In order to submit a Temporary Employment Permit application with the Labour Department you must be residing in Belize, hold a valid passport, and a valid Belize visa. Click here for Belize Visa information.

Application for a Temporary Employment Permit is a 4-step process:

  • Step 1: Submission of Application

Submit the application and supporting documents (which includes police report from the last county of stay), in person to the Department of Labor. Upon receipt of the application an interview date for the applicant will be provided. The applicant must attend an interview on the assigned date. Be mindful that the interview is not a guarantee that your application will be approved. The Labor Department will review the application and if additional information and documentation is needed, this will be requested. The application together with all supporting documents will be forwarded to the Special Branch of the Belize Police Department for them to conduct a security check on the applicant.

  • Step 2: Notification of Application Status

Within 30 days of your application submission, you will receive a call from the Labour Department to inform on the status of your application, i.e., whether it was approved or denied. On approval of application, you must visit the Labour Department Office to receive a copy of the approval letter. On denied application, you must visit the Labour Department Office and receive a copy of your letter of denial and present yourself to the Immigration Office to update your legal status.

  • Step 3: Visit the Immigration Office

You must visit the Immigration Office and bring along the approval letter for the permit to be processed. You will be informed of the temporary employment permit fees which must be paid at the Immigration Office. Thereafter you will need to go to the nearest Belize Tax Service Office to request an Income Tax Letter.

  • Step 4: Issuance of Permit

You must present your valid passport, proof of payment and Income Tax letter to the Immigration Office as stated on the approval letter. The permit is issued immediately upon presentation of your Income Tax letter and confirmation of payment of the Temporary Employment Permit application fees.

Approved stamp

The work permit is valid for one (1) year and upon expiration the applicant must apply again. After you have held a permit for two consecutive years, it’s possible to apply for permanent resident status.

Equipped with your Temporary Employment Permit and your Income Tax letter, you should then proceed to visit the nearest Social Security Office to register as a self-employed person or employer as the case may be.

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